Crest Solar & Batteries is an integrated solar company founded in 2017 and is the national solution in clean renewable energy services within Australia. Our team of solar specialists have over 10 years of in-house experience using world class technology within the renewable energy sector. Our company is dedicated in discovering creative solutions that provide optimistic benefits for our clients whether they be business owners, tenants, home owners or owner operators.

As an integrated solar company, the development and returns of our clients is our number one priority, therefore, we have established vast flexibility within our service that excels in meeting the needs of our clients.

Also as property owners ourselves we understand and respect the value of today’s real estate, this motivates us in protecting it and puts it as one of our highest priorities when servicing you with solar.

With only a few of our solar power advantages mentioned makes Crest Solar & Batteries a trusted, clean and reliable renewable energy company of choice for your business, home, commercial company, farm, school or anywhere that solar energy is needed.